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Genesis Biosciences is a global biosciences company with the unique capability to ferment bacteria strains and develop safe and natural microbial and antimicrobial products on a solid foundation of eco-benign® technology.

About us

Our environmentally responsible products and solutions are leading the way in cleaning, wastewater treatment, feminine hygiene, fish farming and marine applications around the world.

Our manufacturing and laboratory facilities, strategically based in Europe and the United States, enable our scientists to provide unrivalled technical support globally.

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Why work with Genesis Biosciences

Across multiple continents, watch as our global team share why they’re proud to work at Genesis Biosciences – and what makes us unique.

Innovative microbial & antimicrobial technology

A wide range of application-specific and award-winning microbial and antimicrobial products, designed using innovative and dedicated research into Bacillus bacteria and plant-derived actives.

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Large scale in-house fermentation facilities

Our large capacity, in-house fermentation and downstream processing capabilities, utilise state of the art 500L, 2000L, 4000L and 30,000L fermentation vessels.

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Committed to quality

Genesis Biosciences is committed to rigorous quality control and compliance in all areas of our business and developing quality-assured, eco-benign® products and solutions in a wide range of applications for customers all over the world.

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Team of scientific experts

Our facilities are staffed with the most highly qualified biochemists, microbiologists, fermentation specialists and engineers.

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eco-benign® by design

Genesis Biosciences is fully committed to creating and developing the most environmentally responsible microbial and antimicrobial products available globally. Allow us to introduce you to eco-benign®.

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