At the end of a fantastic 2018, we’re looking back at the year’s achievements and growth in this end-of-year Lab Report

We’ve addressed environmental issues and opened doors to new industries, whilst celebrating our team’s successes and sharing their talents for all to see.

2018 has seen an exhilarating year of  hard work and investment in our facility, our people, our products and our future.

From facility upgrades which saw significant improvements to our fermentation, laboratory, production and staff amenities, to travelling the world to showcase what our products can do, read to see what our team’s been up to this year – and we’d like to thank you for being a part of it so far!

January – April

Antibiotic Resistance Countryfile Blog - Surfer Looking out At Sea
We began the year, in January, sharing news of antibiotic resistance being on the rise (a cheery thought straight after Christmas – but an important one nonetheless!).

Originally brought to light in an episode of BBC’s Countryfile, it transpires that the superbugs that thrive in our hospitals and our homes, leading to antibiotic resistance, are just as likely to be found at the coast, hiding in plain sight – in the sea.

We dissect the ways in which we can help using probiotic cleaning products, so that the general public – while reassured – can also become a large part of the solution using our eco-benign® technology.

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Household cleaning products can be dangerous and harmful - Genesis Biosciences
In February, the scientific community shared a study, in which they found that women who worked as cleaners, or regularly used cleaning sprays for 20 years, had lung decline equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day over the same period.

This article was picked up by WalesOnline, and our own General Manager Dr Emma Saunders gave her comments on the piece:

“Long-term exposure [to common household and commercial cleaning products] can increase the risk of occupational dermatitis, eczema and asthma and the results of the study prove just how dangerous inhaling these common cleaning products’ chemicals can be to the public.

“Considering just how prevalent traditional chemical cleaning products are in the everyday household we believe it’s time to change the habit and switch to a natural, probiotic option to avoid cleaning agents that have the potential to jeopardise health.”

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The women powering Genesis biosciences
To happier news! March brought with it a nomination for Genesis Biosciences in the South Wales Chamber of Commerce’s Welsh Business Awards.

We were incredibly proud to be finalists in the Success Through Innovation category for 2017 – and as the awards ceremony took place on International Women’s Day, we felt it fitting to share the skills and innovation of the leading women in our team.

From one of our R&D Scientists Katie, to our QC and Laboratory Technician Lauren, we introduced some of the women powering Genesis Biosciences.

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May – August

Genesis Biosciences at the ISSA tradeshow 2018 in Amsterdam
In May, we went international!

We travelled to ISSA’s Interclean Amsterdam trade show to exhibit our ranges – from Evogen Microbial Products, to Evogen Professional (home & office cleaning products) and Biosan (feminine hygiene waste treatment solutions).

During our busy few days, we spoke with distributors, buyers, customers, the environmentally-aware – and moved further towards our goal to continue bringing sustainable-yet-superior products to markets overflowing with potentially harmful formulations.

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Evogen Professional products now available to buy on Amazon
June was the month we brought our Evogen Professional range to the consumer market & brought it to life through Amazon.

Selling our individual products gives new customers the freedom to try single bottles, and use our environmentally-responsible products in place of often-harmful household brands.

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Genesis Biosciences US facility - exterior, September 2018
In July, our transatlantic family in the US had some exciting new improvements to their state-of-the-art facility.

With brand new antimicrobial flooring fitted, and a full host of laboratory, production and office expansions, new equipment, new floors and more, Genesis Biosciences has been continually investing in our US facility and staff.

We shared the workings of our supremely talented Compliance Taskforce, working hard to optimise our processes and improve efficiency at every step of the way.

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golf course bacterial pond maintenance
For August, at the height of this year’s baking British summer, we tackled pond maintenance in golf courses.

A little known issue for keen golfers everywhere is the possible contamination of ponds and lakes in greens, leading to that ‘bad pond smell’.

In this article, we look at how best to effectively tackle algae and contaminants using bacterial solutions to maintain water quality.

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September – December

Buy our Evogen Professional products directly through the website
October brought more digital expansion, as we developed our Evogen Professional website into its own online store.

Now, alongside individual products on Amazon, commercial customers can buy whole cases of cleaning products for bathrooms, kitchens, and multi-purpose areas.

With free shipping on all orders, buying ethical, long-lasting, environmentally-responsible products is easier – and delivers better value – than ever before. 

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Under the microscope: a closer look at our industry-leading experts across the UK & US - Genesis Biosciences team
In November, we continued sharing the successes of our hardworking team of experts – across both sides of the Atlantic.

We peered ‘under the microscope’ for a closer look at our team, leading the way in many of our various industries.

Covering compliance, fermentation, microbiology and management, our staff excel in pioneering our vision, our ethos, and our work.

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Genesis Woof campaign for Evogen Professional
December brings with it a chill in the air – and chaos in the form of a Cockapoo puppy called Max!

To launch our Odour Neutraliser product as the perfect solution to tackle pet odours, we held a very energetic photoshoot with our resident scruff-ball mascot.

Hundreds of photos (and several treats) later, a star was born…

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Dr Emma Saunders of Genesis Biosciences and Andy Bottrill of Admiral Cleaning Supplies, signing a distribution contract

Now, as Christmas draws closer, we’re pleased to announce the brand new UK-wide distribution deal between Genesis Biosciences and Admiral Cleaning Supplies for our Evogen Professional cleaning range.

A sparkling start to the festive season!

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And so, the end of 2018 gives way to a new year; bringing with it new opportunities for development and for sharing our work.

Soon, we’ll be sharing more news on exciting new product development initiatives that will see us expand our portfolio of efficacious, sustainable technologies.

We’re also nominated in the annual Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards 2019, and look forward to the awards announcement…

We’ll be sharing more news in early 2019 – but, for now, the team at Genesis Biosciences would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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We’d love to hear from you – please feel free to get in touch and we’ll get back to you.

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