As we leave 2020 behind and enter a new year, fresh with optimism, our CEO Conrad Mielcuszny shares a message for our staff and customers.

Conrad Mielcuszny, CEO of Genesis Biosciences

2020 is now behind us and I for one am glad to see the back of what has been the most challenging year for everyone that I can remember in my lifetime.

I am very happy to report that Genesis Biosciences is beginning 2021 with much optimism as we start to utilise our newly completed Lawrenceville site after a three year project to construct a larger, more modern facility. This brand new, technologically advanced facility will allow our organisation to be fully prepared for the opportunities that the post-COVID, restored world order will present.

New equipment, including compressors, boilers, holding tanks and mixing vessels, have all arrived on site together with two 3000 litre fermenters, a 500 litre fermenter and all supporting vessels and are now in various stages of installation in the new fermentation suite. Our two new centrifuges arrived last Friday and we await the first two 30,000 litre fermenters which are due to be delivered in mid-February. The engineering install of the fermenters is set to begin in March and we aim to be fully operational by July of this year. This will treble our current fermentation capacity.

Upgrades to the US facility (2020)

Our new facility and greatly expanded capacity will allow us to stay ahead of our competitors in fermenting high quality, high yield strains of unsurpassed purity as well as having the capacity to deliver large volumes of bacteria.   

We continue to bring new products to the market and have a full waste water range due to be released this year which is the culmination of three years of work devoted to utilising our extensive knowledge of the bacteria strains we ferment and how we can most effectively use them in application-specific formulas that give high yielding results in application. All of our formulations and strains are rigorously tested and scientifically validated and verified.

We will continue this year in our pursuit of excellence in all areas of our business and look forward to gaining our FSMA FSSC 22000 certification for our Lawrenceville facility in February which will allow us to expand to offer scale up and full scale fermentation services to both human and animal probiotic industries.   

We will continue our work with expanding our Bacillus knowledge (a program we have committed to and have been investing heavily in since 2017) and the growth of newly identified strains and scale up novel strains that customers bring to us to help them grow. Staying ahead of the curve with knowledge is key to the future of what Bacillus can do in the new biological age as we all seek new, more effective ways to be healthier and safe in our everyday lives.  

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and support in 2020 and assure you of our commitment to help support you and your business in 2021.

Whilst we ended 2020 with the positive news of a vaccine and the optimistic view that the world would get back to normal by Spring, it would seem that the start of 2021 has brought with it the reality that we may very well still have COVID-19 with us until the summer of 2021. Therefore, although I want to wish us all great fortune in 2021, I believe we all need to stay vigilant while the vaccine is rolled out all over the world as we may be facing these current challenges for some time to come.

We also have to be understanding and patient as Europe and the UK come to terms with the mechanics of their new operating agreement post-Brexit and its effects on all our lives. In addition to changes to business in Europe we also have a new administration change in the USA and will therefore have to adapt to whatever changes they bring to the business community as we work through these early days as no doubt we will encounter new challenges to our businesses and our lives.

With all that said, I am thankful for this New Year and look forward with optimism to a prosperous year for us all.

– Conrad Mielcuszny, CEO

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