Millions of women use feminine hygiene bins every single day without thinking twice, but are these units safe? Are you safe when using them?

Research has shown that the sanitary waste in feminine hygiene bins can contain pathogens that are able to survive in untreated hygiene bins. Women who use these bins – and those who clean them – are at risk. Want to know more?

9 things you didn't know about feminine hygiene bins infographic

The poor management of feminine hygiene bins means that women are at daily risk when using them. Public awareness of this issue is particularly low; barely anyone realises just what harm might be caused.

If more women learn the truth behind feminine hygiene bins, more companies will sit up and take notice of what needs to be done to fix the issue.

To increase awareness about this widely-untreated problem, share this infographic. For even more shareable slides, head over to our Pinterest.

Our Biosan products work to eradicate harmful microorganisms like bacteria in sanitary waste, keeping feminine hygiene waste bins and bathrooms clean and smelling fresh.

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