Our History

Genesis Biosciences started in 2002 with Conrad Mielcuszny’s dream to make a positive impact on industry and on our environment. His unwavering passion for innovation and developing disruptive technologies formed the foundation of our highly scientific and dynamic organisation.

Conrad’s belief in scientifically verifying and validating all products brought to market by Genesis Biosciences has set the company apart as an award-winning industry leader in technology, innovation and creativity.

His vision, combined with uncompromising quality and genuine innovation has ensured that Genesis Biosciences has become a truly global company with products now found in over 50 countries worldwide.

His strong commitment that all company products and activities have a significantly positive impact on the environment, our employees, our customers and the society in which we live is the driving force behind the company today and is the reason we operate within what has become known as the eco-benign® philosophy.

Our Team

We believe that people are our most important investment and asset.

In Europe and the US, our laboratories and research and development facilities are staffed with the most highly qualified chemists, microbiologists, fermentation specialists and engineers, including several PhD scientists.

Meet the team

Leading the way with genomic characterisation

Utilising genomic characterisation techniques is a crucial part of how we deliver our products.

At Genesis Biosciences, we have sequenced the genomes of all our commercially available probiotic organisms. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the beneficial microorganisms we use and how to apply them with maximum efficacy within our hygiene and cleaning products.

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Safety & Efficacy

We have fully characterised our beneficial microbes using the latest In silico and microbiological techniques, enabling us to evidence the safety and efficacy of our microbial and antimicrobial technologies. 

In depth scientific validation and verification is the backbone of our product development processes.

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Our facilities

Genesis Biosciences benefits from two well-equipped facilities, each containing modern laboratories staffed with highly-qualified scientists.


The US facility in Georgia, in addition to being a leading fermentation facility, houses microbiology, chemistry and QC laboratories dedicated to multi-disciplinary research into the use of microbial organisms for diverse bio-augmentation applications.

Our on-site fermentation facility houses fermentation vessels and downstream processing equipment specifically for the production of Bacillus strains. Our microbiologists are highly skilled in strain optimisation and enzyme profiling and the modern microbiology laboratory houses a Class II clean room for the isolation and characterisation of microorganisms.

The dedicated chemistry and QC laboratories are equipped with specialised instrumentation for development and analysis of innovative products and they specialise in the research and development of the innovative eco-benign® chemistry which makes our microbial products so unique in the industry.


Our European technical facility located in Cardiff, UK, houses comprehensive research and development and Quality Control laboratories where we conduct the experiments and assemble the data behind our successful microbial and antimicrobial products.

Our laboratories function at Biological Safety Level 2 and are fully equipped for a broad range of chemical and microbial analytical methods including microscopy, bacterial growth analysis, microbial limits, biocidal agent validation, quantification and characterisation of microorganisms in addition to product stability and robustness testing.

Our European team is particularly skilled in the research and development of vapour-phase antimicrobial agents and products and have been continuously researching and improving our antimicrobial product offerings for over 10 years.

Our vision and values

To be the market leader in creating and delivering innovative, environmentally responsible, scientifically validated and verified, performance-driven, eco-benign® technologies and microbial and antimicrobial products and solutions.


Some of our most prestigious awards include the Pulire Award for Product Innovation in 2011, the Cardiff Business Awards for Technology and Innovation in 2015, the Edie Sustainability Award 2015, Green Business of the Year at the Cardiff Business Awards in 2019, the South East USA Prestige Award 2022 and the Unilever Clean Future Partner Award in 2023.

Environmentally responsible

We operate within an eco-benign® philosophy, ensuring we improve or make minimum impact on the environment.

Scientifically validated and verified

We prove everything we claim by providing full data and often have independent verification in support of our claims.


We constantly review and improve concentration levels, quality of bacteria fermented, preservative efficacy, carriers and performance capability through continuous research and further developments.

eco-benign® technologies

Use of bacteria and microorganisms to replace the harsh chemicals of our competitors, an intelligent and environmentally sympathetic attitude to packaging and logistics, use of technology to reduce carbon footprints in travel and manufacture – a responsible and action-centred attitude to improving the environment and providing our customers with the capability to do the same.


WE value people as our most important asset


We value treating all people with respect


We value honesty and authenticity


We value being market driven and customer focused


We value being highly scientific and backing up our claims


WE value high quality in all that we do


WE value people taking initiative and exhibiting leadership


WE value creativity and innovation


WE value “saying what you mean and meaning what you say”


WE value delivering on time and on budget


WE value positive attitudes and enjoying our work


WE value working together with a spirit of team play


WE value planning and delivering specific measurable results


WE value thinking big and acting bold

Why work with Genesis Biosciences

Across multiple continents, watch as our global team share why they’re proud to work at Genesis Biosciences – and what makes us unique.

Genesis Biosciences customers benefit from the combined expertise of the staff in both our facilities as our European and US teams continuously collaborate, pool their expertise and support each other and our customers globally.

Emma Saunders, General Manager – Europe


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