Introducing Biosan ActivLiner – the latest addition to our Biosan series

Sanitary waste bins in washrooms can present a number of health, contamination and malodour issues.  They are often warm, damp and nutrient-rich environments, that can become a breeding ground for pathogen microorganisms. What’s more, sanitary waste containers in public spaces are usually only emptied once every 4-6 weeks, allowing germs to multiply and reach harmful levels which can pose an infection risk to washroom users and service personnel who handle the waste.  As bacteria propagate inside the bins, foul odours can be emitted from the bin and washroom cubical, negatively affecting the hygienic perception and damaging an establishment or business’s reputation. 

It is crucial to eradicate the bacteria in the unit – not only to provide a hygienic and safe washroom for its users but also to create a pleasant washroom experience.

There are other sanitary bin liners that contain silver ion technology claiming to eliminate bacteria, yet the European chemical agency has called into question the viability of this technology. This is because silver ions need a solvent such as water to be present and must have direct contact with the microorganisms to be efficacious. Unlike the Biosan ActivLiner, these types of liners can not penetrate all the sanitary waste inside the unit, only the surfaces they come into direct contact with.  

Our Biosan ActivLiner is the first of its kind, triple-action vapour-phase product for the containment, disinfection and deodorisation of feminine hygiene waste, combining volatile natural plant extracts and controlled release recycled plastic, to eradicate microorganisms and stop odours from developing at the source. 

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