Designed and developed over 20 years by a team of scientists and regulatory experts in the UK, biosan is the result of an innovative, environmentally responsible approach to cleaning and sanitising solutions.

The biosan range was specially developed by Genesis Biosciences as a result of demands from the personal hygiene sector through many years of continuous product development.

Millions of pounds in investment and resources have led to a range of innovative sanitisers that use plant extracts and our patented natural vapour technology.

We use nature’s own toolbox to harness the power of science.

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Feminine hygiene waste treatment

Biosan products work across a range of washroom requirements – including feminine hygiene waste bins, eradicating harmful microorganisms like bacteria in sanitary waste to prevent malodours and protect your customer reputation.

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Duty of Care

Ensures staff and washroom user safety with its proven anti-bacterial and anti-viral action. It provides complete sanitation, deodorisation, reduces illness spread, and offers reliability without spillage risks or additional processing hazards.

Reputation management

Prevents bad washroom odours that can damage service and corporate quality reputation, as well as prevention of increased costs for early bin collection and disposal due to malodour complaints.

Environmentally responsible

Delivers optimal performance while being environmentally friendly. The natural plant-derived ingredients offer excellent sustainability, rapid biodegradation, and no harm to land or marine life. With efficient manufacturing processes and minimal waste, biosan embodies environmental consciousness.


biosan’s lighter product weight reduces carbon footprint and disposal costs compared to liquid alternatives. The simple dosing system eliminates the risk of cost overruns from over-dosing and minimal investment is required in personal protective equipment for employees.


All biosan products are designed for accurate dosing. Packaged in individual one dose cards or sachets, minimal training and personal protective equipment are required. Waste disposal is hassle-free as it does not require further processing. It leaves no mess or residue, making it convenient to dispose of along with sanitary waste.

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Explore our Biosan Series products designed to eradicate harmful bacteria and prevent malodours in public and commercial washrooms.

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