About Evogen

The Evogen range provides quality, performance-driven and environmentally responsible microbial and antimicrobial technologies designed to provide effective and sustainable alternatives to traditional harsh chemicals used across a wide range of industries.

As a leader in the industries we serve, our research has confirmed that most suppliers of biological formulas offer a standard microbial blend for every product and application.

With Evogen, we lead the industry with innovative, application-specific products and solutions that deliver superior results, and are safe for the user and the environment.


Use of genomic characterisation, bioinformatics, quantitative metabolic assays and advanced culture techniques to isolate, screen and select the optimal Bacillus strains for the application.

Scientifically verified & validated

Every Evogen product has been scientifically verified and validated for efficacy in its specific application and extensive product performance data is provided on full technical data sheets which are available on request.


All Bacillus species and strains within the Evogen microbial range are safe to use, non-pathogenic, harbour no toxicity towards humans or animals and have a lack of mobile genetic elements for transmission of antimicrobial resistant (AMR) genes.


Our products are formulated with superior chemical technologies combined with specialised Bacillus cultures to have a gentle or harmless effect on the environment.


Stable spore formulations offer long term product stability.

Quality Assured

Manufactured in accordance with recognised international standard ISO 9001 to guarantee quality, integrity and reproducibility.

Technical expertise

Evogen is designed using innovative and dedicated R&D into microbes, their enzyme profiles and modern eco-benign® chemistry.

No other microbial range can offer such comprehensive data as to the quality and validity of its products.

The Benefits

Evogen Microbial Products

Evogen Antimicrobial Products

eco-benign® by design

Genesis Biosciences is fully committed to creating and developing the most environmentally responsible microbial and antimicrobial products available globally. Allow us to introduce you to eco-benign®.

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