Advanced wastewater treatment products that offer comprehensive and effective solutions for use in industrial and municipal wastewater applications to maximise plant efficiency, reduce costs and assist in regulatory compliance.

Evogen WWT products provide a solution for a broad range of wastewater types ranging from municipal to demanding industrial effluents such as those generated from dairies, slaughterhouses, petrochemical plants and many more.

Available in a variety of blocks, powder and liquid products, all Evogen WWT products have been formulated with application-specific Bacillus strains bacteria and eco-benign® chemistry to offer excellent product stability, improved performance and a reduced environmental impact in a wide range of water types including fresh, saline and brackish.

Application-specific products

We combine the latest in silico genomic techniques and traditional microbiological methods to research and characterise the activity and safety of beneficial microbes and their secondary metabolites. Using this knowledge we selected optimal Bacillus consortia and combine with eco-benign® chemistries for specific WWT applications.

Environmentally responsible cleaning supplies

At Genesis we ferment all our own bacteria to the highest standards (ISO 9001) so we can guarantee that the Bacillus we deliver are correct in both species and concentration and are free from contaminants. Our products have minimal impact upon the environment and end user, whilst at the same time offering an efficacious and prolonged impact.

eco-benign® technologies

The Bacillus components of our formulations can also be seen as a benefit to an ecosystem where introduction has occurred. Our eco-benign® philosophy also uses recyclable packaging, is considerate to our carbon footprint and creates low to zero impact on the environment.