At Genesis Biosciences we’ve always aimed to see the ‘bigger picture’ and do our part to try and make the world a better place.

We’re a firm advocate in the fight for a ‘greener tomorrow’ through the use of probiotics and innovative eco-benign® technologies, but it’s not just science and the environment we’re passionate about. We’re also invested in helping our communities by supporting local and nationwide charities whether through fundraising, financial aid or by donating our probiotic cleaning products.

We’ve recently teamed up with a number of homelessness charities and animal rescues to aid them in lightening the financial burden many companies and charities have experienced in the years post-pandemic.

These are the charities we’re supporting in 2023 and how we’re doing it…

puppy in a kennel at cardiff dogs home

Donating our products

We’re proud to have donated products from our ready-to-use Evogen Professional range to Cardiff Dogs Home, Anna’s Cat Rescue (ARC) & RSPCA Llys Nini (Swansea) so staff can keep the premises clean and the furry residents safe!

We’ve donated products to Welsh homelessness charities Llamau, Huggard and The Salvation Army (Cardiff) for staff to remain safe and keep their premises clean.

We donate our cleaning sprays and solutions because sourcing the right safe cleaning products can be an expensive, time-consuming hassle; this way, the staff can spend more time taking care of the residents without worrying about extra costs and time.

a pallet of Biosan Sanitiser Aerosol

Championing new initiatives

In a bid to end hygiene poverty, we recently teamed up with In Kind Direct for their ‘Not a Choice’ campaign to donate a full pallet of our Biosan Sanitiser Aerosol product (photo left) as part of National Hygiene Week in October. 

As a fogging-style sanitiser, the product can be used to disinfect rooms covering up to 100m³ in just 15 minutes – providing critical hygiene and cleanliness to areas that need it most.

Giving our time

As big animal lovers at Genesis, our team will jump at the chance to spend a day in their company! We’re attending an upcoming corporate volunteer day run by Cardiff Dogs Home, where we’ll learn more about the amazing work they do and help to take the dogs on walks, providing the pups with fresh air and happy memories.

Supporting with financial aid

Over at our US base, we’ve been long-time supporters of The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia, acting as their presenting sponsor for annual events and supporting their ongoing activities.

These sponsorships provide a vital cash injection to an animal welfare charity doing great work to find pets their forever homes.

Katherine Mielcuszny of Genesis Biosciences, with Sam Threadgill of HSNEGA and her dog Pepe at an 'Art With Heart' fundraising event
Katherine Mielcuszny of Genesis Biosciences, with Sam Threadgill of HSNEGA and her dog Pepe at an ‘Art With Heart’ fundraising event

Our social responsibility 

It’s no secret that the past three years have taken a huge toll on people’s physical and mental well-being around the world, with animal rescues full-to-the-brim and homelessness and unemployment sadly at an all-time high.

Many of us have taken comfort in our family, friends and beloved fur babies but unfortunately, this is not a luxury that all people possess, and, without the hard work and critical support of these key charities, many of us would not be where we are today.

Integrity, dedication and charity have always been at the heart of Genesis’ core values and will continue to be for many years to come. Whether by donating, fundraising, raising awareness or offering our free time, we can all do our part in contributing something to the world while making new friendships and partnerships along the way.

If you or your company are interested in getting involved, head online and have a look at the charities and organisations in your local community. Every little step is another step closer to a better and brighter future; the rest is up to us…

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