Dr Chris Charles is the Genesis Biosciences’ European Employee of the Year.

From developing new uses for our technology to genome sequencing, Dr Chris Charles has been vital in our success this year. For an insight into Chris and his unique approach to molecular and applied microbiology, be sure to check out his staff profile. But for now, we’ll hand over to Dr Emma Saunders

Dr Emma Saunders, General Manager of Genesis Biosciences on why Chris is a worthy winner

I am delighted that the Employee of the Year for the European business is Dr. Chris Charles.

During only a short time with the company Chris has made a valuable contribution to the business. He has been instrumental in advancing the understanding of our microbial and anti-microbial technology. And he has helped us to identify many novel capabilities, new applications and new market opportunities.

Dr Chris Charles - Genesis Biosciences UK Employee of the Year

Taking application specific microbes to a whole new level

Chris’s innovation and ingenuity solved a significant environmental problem for one of the UK’s largest steel makers.

For example, we have developed new molecular techniques to assess the genetic capability of our Bacillus strains thanks to Chris.

As a result of his work, we are currently the only company in our sector who are applying specific genetic techniques to identify and select the best Bacillus strains for the application.

We’re taking the phrase ‘application specific microbes’ to a whole new level!

Chris has built an in depth genomic database of all our commercial bacteria strains enabling us to identify Bacillus strains within our library that secrete commercially important and valuable compounds.

The result of this work means we are now able to seek higher value market opportunities.

Biosan and Tata Steel

Chris has also been exploring novel applications for our anti-microbial technology. Through a contact at Tata Steel, Chris learned that they were having an issue with pipe blockages. So he conducted studies using our Biosan anti-microbial technology to suppress biofilm production.

Steelworks cropped for Dr Chris Charles post

These trials were successful and Tata Steel now use it to prevent blockages in its blast furnace dust pollution suppression system. It’s currently in use at Tata’s steelworks in Port Talbot and has the potential for use in plants across Europe.

Chris’s innovation and ingenuity solved a significant environmental problem for one of the UK’s largest steel makers. It also established a new commercial avenue for our Biosan technology.

Innovation in Wastewater Treatment

Over the past 12 months Chris has also completed a full technical and business analysis of one of our biggest market sectors, Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment (WWT). He has also cultivated relationships with major UK players in the industry. This has allowed us to understand their challenges and their product requirements. Combining this insight with our enhanced knowledge of what our Bacillus can do, Genesis have developed an advanced application specific range of WWT products.

Wastewater plant for Dr Chris Charles Blog

Furthering microbial research and capabilities

Chris portrays Genesis’s company values every day and is an inspiration to us all.

On top of this Chris has also been proactive in exploring avenues for future funding into microbial research. He has submitted a fellowship application to the University of Huddersfield for a four year research programme, and the goal is to further understand the technical capabilities of our strains.

Dr Chris Charles embodies Genesis Biosciences’ values

Despite these achievements, Chris remains modest, down-to-earth and self-effacing. He portrays Genesis’s company values every day and is an inspiration to us all. His hard work, professionalism, and enthusiasm for the business, its technology and its people is greatly admired. I am proud to announce that he is our European Employee of The Year.

NUFC badge for Dr Chris Charles blog

And it’s a coincidence that he is also a Newcastle United supporter, like our CEO!

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