All Genesis Biosciences products can be considered eco-benign®

Our microbial products are formulated with superior chemical technologies combined with specialised bacillus cultures, to have a gentle or harmless effect on the environment when an introduction is made through application or disposal.

The bacillus components of these formularies can also be seen as a benefit to an ecosystem where introduction has occurred.

Our antimicrobial products are formulated using plant extracts and essential oil technology. Our award-winning biosan e card is fully biodegradable.

Driving NEW developmentS

eco-benign® foundation and technology platform drives development of environmentally-responsible, innovative products.


Higher-performing microbial products based on an optimal balance of advanced, eco-benign® chemistries and application-specific bacteria.

Using nature’s toolbox

Advanced antimicrobial products based on plant extracts and essential oil technology.

Chemistry that works with biology, not against it.

eco-benign® raw material selection

Raw materials used in the production of the Evogen range are all readily biodegradable with a low toxicity profile and are primarily derived from sustainable sources.

eco-benign® chemistry

The unique, eco-benign® chemistry present in Evogen microbial products is not only safe and environmentally responsible, it actually enhances product efficacy and provides a more stable environment for the bacteria.

eco-benign® packaging

All Evogen products are packaged within containers which have a harmless or gentle effect on the environment when handled, discarded and recycled properly. All Evogen packaging is recycled and recyclable.

eco-benign® logistics

Evogen products are available in a range of concentrates which may be diluted locally. Research continues to increase the concentrate levels to minimise the carbon footprint of transportation whilst the potential for a network of manufacturing units is also being reviewed.