At Genesis, we value people as our most important asset and to recognise this, we have an ‘Employee of the Quarter’ scheme to reward the hard work of individual team members.

These are people who have gone above and beyond their jobs roles to support the business and maintain the high standard of excellence Genesis upholds.

Each quarter, employees are asked to nominate the colleague they feel is deserving of the award, applications are sent in and the leadership team have the pleasure of reading through the nominations and tallying up the votes to see who wins for each side of the business – one for the US, one for the UK/Europe.

“It is always a pleasure to see who nominates who and the reasons behind the nominations. The recognition is chosen by the staff and we receive so many quality nominations, it’s great to see how colleagues value each other and the work that they do.”

– Conrad Mielcuszny, CEO

So, without further ado, the winners of our Quarter 1 2021 award are …

US Employee of the Quarter

Laura Marzullo, AP/AR Account Specialist
Laura Marzullo, Genesis Biosciences

Laura has been with Genesis for about 2 ½ years. Not only is she very diligent and efficient at her job, she is also very proactive on being able to see what needs to get done and not afraid to dive right in.

Her teamwork has been remarkable as she has stepped up to assist the customer service team in the first quarter. She is always willing to help wherever needed – answering phones, customer service, knowledge of office supplies and equipment, and also has been a valuable resource to new employees in their transition into the company.

Laura’s commitment and leadership is a constant. No matter how much she has on her plate with her own role, she will always assist in other areas without complaint.

UK Employee of the Quarter

Candace McWhirter, Global Supply Chain Coordinator
Candace McWhirter, Genesis Biosciences

Candace has been with Genesis for the past 7 ½ years and even though she resides in the US, she is in fact a member of the UK team and as such is a full-time employee of the European business.

Due to the Brexit situation at the start of the first quarter, Candace took on a new focused role in our European business to manage the changes in supply chain and to ensure continuity of supply to our customers in Europe. Candace took to the situation and navigated the business through the new requirements, going above and beyond with our European customers and their respective shipping agents to support, retain and supply customers with their products.

Candace showed real determination and grit to get the knowledge she needed to complete the task and provide solid solutions for our business and customers in the UK and Europe during this difficult time. Even with this, she continued to support the US customer service side as well, demonstrating all the company values for her team and going above and beyond her role.

Genesis Biosciences appreciates both Candace and Laura’s hard work and dedication to their roles, their fellow colleagues and the company!

About our scheme

Since its inception as an employee reward program in 2013, we have had 32 winners in the US and 32 winners in the UK.

For the US, the maintenance department has had 4 winners, the production department has had 13 winners, the fermentation department has had 5 winners and the Sales department has had 2 winners.

In the UK we have 9 winners within operations, 3 winners from the sales arena, 10 winners from the lab department, 5 winners from the admin department, 4 from management and 1 joint award.

Employees from every area of the business are able to win the award and are encouraged to nominate their colleagues for the hard work they do.

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