Which feminine hygiene waste treatment products are right for your facilities?

Genesis Biosciences recognises that their customers need to meet the demands of their clients in different ways and that a “one fits all” product is not the solution.

That’s why our feminine hygiene waste treatment products collection, the Biosan Series, consists of 3 separate and highly-effective cleaning products that work to eradicate harmful microorganisms like bacteria in sanitary waste.

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Biosan e-card

The Biosan e card is placed into a sanitary unit and its vapour technology keeps the washroom smelling fresh.

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Biosan Naturals

Biosan Naturals is a fragrant substance that works within a sanitary waste bin to eradicate malodours.

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Biosan P-max

Biosan P-max is a vapour-based product that permeates the waste and eradicates bacteria in sanitary units.

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Biosan Series

The Biosan series range is the result of many years of continuous development of our feminine hygiene waste treatment products.

This range is based on volatile plant extracts that are active throughout the bin, controlling micro-organisms and suppressing odours at source.

Why treat the sanitary waste associated with feminine hygiene?

Flushing sanitary waste down the toilet can cause drain blockages and also create problems for waste water treatment plants.

That’s why feminine hygiene bins (otherwise known as sanitary waste units) can be found in most public women’s bathrooms. These bins are collected and taken to a central depot regularly, where they are cleaned and brought back to their original locations.

This method isn’t just unneccesarily expensive but the lack of proper cleaning is potentially dangerous to its users – sanitary waste bins can be a breeding ground for high-risk infectious micro-organisms, including Salmonella, E.coli, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

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The advantages of Biosan to treat sanitary waste

Cost effective
  • Reduces waste disposal costs
  • Compared to a litre of a liquid product, it is 1kg less waste requiring disposal at each bin change, which can be a large saving over 1000s of bin services.
  • One sachet means one dose, so no risk of cost overruns due to product overdosing
  • Reduction in wastage of product – all product utilised in the bin
  • Product is disposed of with other waste, reducing waste handling costs
  • Although more difficult to quantify, the light weight of Biosan also reduces vehicle loading, and will save fuel and wear and tear on both onward and return journeys
  • Minimal investment required in personal protective equipment for employees

Environmentally responsible
  • A product made from natural ingredients.
  • Replaces products that are NOT environmentally friendly.
  • Packaging waste is kept to a minimum.
  • Reduces volume of waste to landfill.

  • Biosan does not contain, or produce any hazardous chemicals.
  • Not a liquid, so no spillage risk at service centre or with client.
  • Waste from bins requires no further processing, so operators and users are not exposed to additional risk.
  • Lower weight means less risk of injury when handling bins.

Easy to use
  • Product packaged in individual on dose sachets.
  • Minimal training required.
  • Minimal personal protective equipment required.
  • No hazard labelling simplifies risk assessments.
  • Waste from bins requires no further processing keeping operations simple and efficient.

  • Proven anti-bacterial and anti viral action increases staff and client safety.
  • Natural ingredients (no hazard labelling) increases safety of staff and clients.
  • Eliminates odours for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Active throughout – formulations ensures that all material in the bin is treated.

Scientific verification and validation

No other microbial range can offer such comprehensive data as to the quality and validity of its products.

Our Biosan range is tested in actual sanitary waste units like feminine hygiene bins, and our unique tests set extremely high standards.

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