2015 was the year of winning awards for Genesis Biosciences.

It was fantastic to have our efforts recognised in the world of technology and innovation. We strive to be the best we possibly can, whether we’re innovating with products or exploring scientific possibilities.

Genesis Biosciences wins award at edie awards

Sustainability Product Innovation 2015

At edie’s Sustainability Leaders Awards, we were honoured to win the Sustainability Product Innovation 2015 category for our development of the Evogen range.

Primary Judge Lucy Chamberlain said: “Evogen radically changes the way we think about cleaning; about the environment and about our responsibility to use a more effective, lower cost, ‘friendly’ alternative to chemical cleaners.”

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Genesis Biosciences wins award at Cardiff Business Awards

Technology and Innovation Business of the Year 2015

As if one wasn’t enough, we were doubly honoured to receive the Technology and Innovation Business of the Year 2015 at the annual Cardiff Business Awards.

Liz Brookes, founder of Cardiff Business Awards, said: “It was fantastic to be able to recognise and publicly reward very deserving winners such as Genesis Biosciences, and we look forward to seeing these businesses continue to grow and develop on the worldwide stage”.

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As a (now) award-winning company, it’s incredible to see our hard work acknowledged in our industry. Here’s to the next award!

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