Genesis Biosciences, a global leader in custom fermentation, microbial product formulation and antimicrobial product development, announced today that it received the Pulire Innovation Award in the chemical products category for its e-card sanitary bin sanitiser.

The prestigious Pulire Innovation Award, which honours creative products, solutions and entrepreneurial ideas in the professional cleaning and environmental hygiene field, was presented to Genesis during the Pulire Exhibition in Verona last month. Genesis’ e-card is the latest addition to its Biosan series of products for the effective and natural control of bacteria and odour in sanitary waste bins.

Our team is honoured to be recognised by industry experts.

The e-card is a natural anti-microbial product which eradicates bacteria within sanitary units. Based on patented vaporisation technology, it also releases a pleasant aroma in the surrounding washroom.  The e-card is derived from sustainable materials and will biodegrade when disposed of.

“As a first-time attendee of Pulire, our team is honoured to be recognised by industry experts for our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to the research and development instrumental in the creation of effective antimicrobial products for professional cleaning,” stated Conrad Mielcuszny, president and chief executive officer of Genesis Biosciences.

“At Genesis Biosciences, we are committed to constantly evolving and improving our technology to bring value to our customers and this award represents the first of many accomplishments and achievements that our team expects to make this year.”

The Pulire Exhibition, a globally respected industry event, is an international trade exhibition for professional cleaning technologies. The Pulire Innovation Award was open to the nearly 300 exhibitors participating in three categories: chemical products, machines and equipment. Three products for each nomination category were short-listed prior to the start of the trade show. These products, showcased by some of the top industry leaders, were characterised by progressive technologies and advanced know-how and offered improved performance with regard to competitiveness, profitability, functionality, operator safety, reduced operating costs and times and environmental sustainability.

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