We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been selected as a finalist for the ‘Research & Innovation’ category at the AD and Biogas Industry Awards 2024.

Our selection for the awards further showcases our commitment to pushing for product innovation and developing unique solutions for problems within the wastewater industry – and we’re so pleased that our work is being recognised.

Our work in biogas & anaerobic digestion

Since we launched our Evogen Biogas Additive product in 2020, it’s made huge strides within the wastewater sector. 

As a granulated powder designed to enhance the performance and cost-effectiveness of anaerobic digestion (AD) systems, Evogen Biogas Additive is added into systems to increase their biogas yields and to reduce the levels of undigested wastewater sludge disposed to landfill.

The product was put to the test when researchers from QLab, based in Greece, evaluated the effects of Evogen Biogas Additive on plant microbiome and the performance of full scale biogas production.

The study revealed that addition of Evogen Biogas Additive to the plants led to changes in the microbial communities, favouring beneficial microorganisms and improving the breakdown of organic materials.

This resulted in increased biogas production and better overall performance in the treated biogas digesters.

About the awards

The AD and Biogas Industry Awards is an annual initiative to recognise excellence. Each year, companies from around the world submit their entries into the Awards per specific categories. A committee of judges reviews the entries, selects shortlists and eventually decides the overall winners for each category. The industry gathers at an Awards Ceremony to announce and celebrate the winners. The Awards Ceremony is co-located with the annual World Biogas Expo and and World Biogas Summit.

The 2024 winners will be announced at a live awards event on Wednesday 10th July 2024, at the NCC in Birmingham. We look forward to seeing our fellow competitors there!

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