An introduction to genomic characterisation

Utilising genomic characterisation techniques is a crucial part of how we deliver our products. But it is not always clear to our customers how it works, how we use it and what it entails.

To answer those questions, Genesis Biosciences’ Dr. Emma Saunders talks us through the details.

What is genomic characterisation?

Genomic characterisation is essentially the process of determining the DNA sequence of an organism’s genome. It provides information about its genetic composition,  allowing scientists to uncover the characteristics and attributes of the organism in question.

Why we utilise it

At Genesis Biosciences, we have sequenced the genomes of all our commercially available probiotic organisms. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the beneficial microorganisms we use and how to apply them with maximum efficacy within our hygiene and cleaning products. We learn about their inherent capabilities to degrade different types of organic materials, how they communicate with one another, how they survive on different surfaces and even what antibacterial properties they may possess.

With genomic characterisation, we can validate the safety credentials of our beneficial bacteria and can confirm that the probiotics introduced in our products have no toxigenic potential, that is, the potential to cause illness. We can also verify and eliminate the possibility of these microorganisms contributing to antimicrobial resistance, or having any other adverse side effects to the environment in which they are applied. Genomic sequencing is a key factor in assuring quality and safety when delivering our range of products.

As a result of the diligent efforts and research made by our highly skilled and award-winning laboratory staff, we can say with confidence that our products introduce positive bacteria which not only complement each other, but also complement the environment they are introduced into – all to accomplish our goal of providing reliable, highly targeted and effective cleaning and long-lasting hygienic effects.

By looking into the genomic blueprints of our Bacillus strains, we can determine the different genetic attributes and metabolic potentials of the bacteria within our library. This type of cutting edge analysis helps to not only direct our research but also to ensure all the bacteria that goes into our products are truly application-specific.

Dr. Kataryzna Ledwoch


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