We often get asked how probiotics work. How do they clean? Is it as simple as saying that “they eat the dirt”?

To answer those questions, Genesis Biosciences’ Peter Wallbank talks you through the process!

In other words, they’re not ‘eating the dirt’ per se. As microorganisms, they survive and replicate by finding energy sources. They produce enzymes which break down complex organic molecules into energy sources that are more freely available– and they do this by looking for nutrients on whatever surface they’re applied on. 

This allows them to replicate on surfaces repeatedly over time. That’s also the key to their hygienic properties, because as the number of probiotics grows, so does their ability to crowd out more harmful microbes by taking up space and consuming the same nutrients the bad bacteria otherwise would.

So rather than a one-off purge with harsh chemicals, our cleaning range introduces living beneficial organisms that will clean more efficiently within the environment rather than against it. Where harsh chemicals try to lift the dirt, probiotics are breaking it down. In turn, this allows for a more thorough longer-lasting cleaning process.

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