In our latest video, Rhonwen Lewis, QC Microbiologist, takes you behind the scenes at Genesis Biosciences to show you how we ensure our products are both stable and of the highest quality.

Rhonwen explains our robust testing processes, which are crucial for making sure that the essential bacteria in our products thrives without being harmed by the chemicals. This involves detailed testing for elements like pH levels and checking for any unwanted bacteria growth.

Before any product leaves our lab, we verify that all ingredients are correctly measured and that each batch matches our strict standards for appearance and scent. We also perform microbiological tests to count the types of bacteria present, ensuring that each product works exactly as intended. Importantly, we test for harmful bacteria to maintain the highest safety standards.

Watch the video to learn more about the rigorous scientific procedures we follow to guarantee that every product bearing the Genesis label is one we are proud of.

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