Since probiotics are living microorganisms, their cleaning effect depends on their lifespan – so how long do probiotics survive?

Genesis Biosciences’ Peter Wallbank talks you through the process in our latest FAQ video.

Probiotics generally tend to survive very well once applied on a surface.

When applied, the resilient Bacillus spores permeate the microscopic pores on the surface. They remain quiet until nutrients in the form of organic soiling become available for them to germinate. The vegetative cells then start to grow, colonising the local area and secreting compounds including enzymes, antimicrobials and secondary metabolites to break down dirt, fats, oils and grease and recycle the nutrients for growth.

So whether it’s on a table, a carpet on the floor, or any surface our cleaning products can be used on – our customers can rely on the hygienic effects of our products for much longer periods of time compared to traditionally harsh chemical products.

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