Good hygiene invariably leads to good hotel reviews – so how do you ensure your hotel is as clean as possible?

Picking the right cleaning products can make all the difference when it comes to your score on TripAdvisor and Google. Here’s how Evogen Professional can help your reputation.

In 2017 12% of people said they don’t pay much attention to online reviews. Which means there’s an awful lot of people who do. 

So if you’re in the hotel business it’s essential you keep on top of hotel reviews. And your choice of cleaning products can have a huge impact on your rating.

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Why online hotel reviews matter

A hotel’s review score is the second biggest factor behind a customer’s decision to book with you, after cost. Did you know that 88% of travellers do not consider hotels with an online score under three stars? And 32% eliminated those with a score under four stars? (All these figures come from TrustYou).

Yet what influences a guest’s score the most? “Hotel hygiene is critical to avoid negative online reviews,” according to The Hague’s Hotelschool survey. And Emma Eversham, writing in Big Hospitality, reports that “76% of guests would never return to an unclean hotel”.

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How eco-benign® cleaning can help your hotel reviews

Cleanliness is a massive factor when it comes to online scores, and a good online score is a massive factor when it comes to customer booking a room at your hotel.

Of course service is important too. TripAdvisor says 77% of travellers think seeing excellent service in reviews influences their decision to book.

So do you prioritise cleanliness or excellent service? Why not excel at both? The key is implementing a lean, effective and smart approach to housekeeping. Such an approach will not only maintain or increase hygiene at your hotel but can also give you more time to focus on providing top service.

Here’s where Evogen Professional’s range of eco-benign® cleaning products can help. Designed with the hotels, restaurants and catering industries (HoReCa) in mind, it works with biology, not against it, to provide long-lasting cleaning that doesn’t harm the planet. This saves you and your team time and resources.

Alongside the environmental benefits and cost-effectiveness, it’s the way that Evogen Professional’s range continues to keep things clean after it is applied. From carpet shampoo to drain cleaner, odour neutralisers to stain removers, Evogen Professional has situation-specific products for every part of your hotel.

Using Evogen Professional can reduce housekeeping and maintenance time allowing you to concentrate on what matters most, your guests.

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Why responding to reviews matters

Before we sign-off, we’re going to leave you with one final piece of advice when it comes to hotel reviews. It’s really helpful to respond to reviews, especially the bad ones. Here’s some more stats from TripAdvisor:

  • 85% of users agree that a thoughtful response to a bad review will improve their impression of the hotel
  • 65% agree that they are more likely to book a hotel that responds to traveler reviews, versus one that does not respond

As SiteMinder reminds us, “There’s nothing you can do to change their experience, but you can let them know their voice has been heard, acknowledged, and had some effect on the way you run your business in the future.”

And make that effect be a switch to eco-benign® cleaning technology. Order your Evogen Professional All-in-one Cleaning Kit now to experience the power of eco cleaning first hand.

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