It’s vital to recognise the impact on the environment that companies have, which is why offsetting our emissions is essential to our business. Here’s how we offset 100% of our carbon emissions in 2021!

Watch as Debbie Williams, our Group Compliance Officer explains how we do it.

We use different tools to carefully monitor and calculate our carbon emissions, but we partner with carbon footprint to help us with the task of offsetting 100% of our carbon emissions because of their values and credentials. They are fully transparent in the way they work and have acquired specific certifications like the quality assurance standard, which is independently audited.

We managed to achieve our offsetting goals by funding the planting of new trees in Wales. This was a natural choice since it is a local project that supports native biodiversity and wildlife. 

Our eco-benign philosophy is at the very heart of the products we develop and supply. Yet, it’s always been essential to adopt environmentally responsible ideals for all our business practices, not just our products. 

Our commitment to the environment is paramount, and we also have the ISO 14001 environmental certification to prove it!

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