In our new video, Dr. Emma Saunders explains how we validate and verify our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Dr. Saunders details our comprehensive approach, starting with the full characterisation of our beneficial microbes and antimicrobial additives. Using the most advanced techniques, we thoroughly test our products to confirm their safety and effectiveness, providing you with the assurance you need.

Validation and verification are at the core of our product development processes. By sequencing the genomes of our microbial strains and conducting in-depth microbiological studies, we understand their potential and ensure their performance. This rigorous scientific evaluation helps us understand how our Bacillus strains and plant-derived actives behave under different environmental conditions, ensuring they are safe and perform optimally when used.

We also adhere to strict compliance and certification standards. Our Bacillus strains are non-GMO and meet important safety standards, such as GRAS status from AAFCO and EFSA QPS. Additionally, our plant-derived antimicrobial technology complies with several international standards, including BS EN 14885:2015, ensuring their broad-spectrum efficacy.

To maintain impartiality and accuracy, we engage independent, third-party laboratories to verify our findings. This external validation process underscores our commitment to transparency and excellence.

Watch the video for a deeper understanding of the scientific rigour behind every product that leaves Genesis Biosciences. This commitment to scientific excellence ensures that we deliver products that you can trust for their high quality and reliability.

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