The application-specific bacteria strains in our microbial products, combined with our unique, eco-benign® chemistry, are ideally suited to gentle but effective degradation of a wide range of organic matter on both soft and hard surfaces in the home.

Our eco-benign® probiotic technology works with biology, not against it, to provide long-lasting cleaning that doesn’t harm the planet.

Alongside the environmental benefits and cost-effectiveness, our probiotic technology means the solution keeps working long after it is applied.

From floor, worktop and drain cleaners to carpet shampoo, odour neutralisers and stain removers, our fully formulated Evogen products and Evozyme probiotic additives deliver superior results.

Application-specific products

Whether it’s removing FOG and malodours in kitchen drains, or cleaning soft furnishings and hard surfaces in our homes and vehicles, our products are designed to target issues using application-specific bacteria to provide a long-lasting clean.

Environmentally responsible cleaning supplies

Our low toxicity eco-benign® formula minimises environmental impact and provides safe and effective cleaning for the whole family.

Scientifically validated and verified cleaning results

We prove everything we claim by providing full data and often have independent verification in support of our claims. Full technical data sheets for our cleaning products are available on request.

Our products

eco-benign® by design

Genesis Biosciences is fully committed to creating and developing the most environmentally responsible microbial and antimicrobial products available globally. Allow us to introduce you to eco-benign®.

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