Biotal Marine’s innovative product portfolio for black water, engine room and grey water cleaning optimises cleaning efficiency, maintains sewage systems, reduces residue and encourages oily water separation in marine and offshore operations.

Our environmentally responsible, eco-benign® products are designed to minimise the level of environmental and in-use impact without compromising its high standard of cleaning.

All ingredients are tested for toxicity, behaviour in the environment and sustainability, ensuring they comply with highest environmental standards such as the Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) registrations for offshore operations.

Superior performance engine room cleaning solutions

Our Biotal Marine products deliver high soil removal, keep separators at peak efficiency and provide engine protection, as well as the ability to clean at low temperatures than traditional acidic products such as hydrochloric, phosphoric and sulphamic acids. Our marine products make CIP procedures safer by minimising risks to staff, equipment and the environment.

Black and grey water treatment systems

Biotal Marine has a range of problem-solving solutions that specifically target the blockages, odours and corrosion created from surplus black and grey water.


Our eco-benign® formulas do not contain any harsh solvents, acids or heavy duty surfactants, preventing emulsion of bilge water and oily waste.


We operate within an eco-benign® philosophy, ensuring we improve or make minimum impact on the environment.

Our products for the marine sector

eco-benign® by design

Genesis Biosciences is fully committed to creating and developing the most environmentally responsible microbial and antimicrobial products available globally. Allow us to introduce you to eco-benign®.

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