The Genesis Biosciences team is proud to launch Evogen Biogas Additive, the latest product in our range of innovative microbial solutions

Evogen Biogas Additive is a granulated powder designed to enhance the performance and cost-effectiveness of anaerobic digestion (AD) systems.

The product is added to AD systems to increase their biogas yields and to reduce the levels of undigested wastewater sludge disposed to landfill.

Evogen Biogas Additive is now ready to order – keep reading to learn more or contact our wastewater specialists to discuss your requirements.

Genesis Biosciences expands wastewater treatment range with Evogen Biogas Additive

The limitations of AD for wastewater treatment

AD is fast becoming the favoured method of wastewater treatment amongst local authorities and private companies, thanks to its lower levels of energy consumption and its capacity to produce valuable biogas.

Whilst AD is an effective means of treating wastewater, there are still key challenges associated with the process, which include:


The anaerobic digestion process can be slowed down by a deficiency of certain microbes in the wastewater sludge.


Whilst much of the wastewater sludge is converted into biogas, an inefficient AD system can lead to high volumes of undigested sludge, which must be dehydrated and disposed to landfill.


The two factors above can also reduce the overall daily yield of biogas.


The running costs associated with a longer digestion period, the fees for disposing dehydrated sludge to landfill and the loss of biogas yield can all impact the cost-effectiveness of AD systems. ­­­

Genesis Biosciences expands wastewater treatment range with Evogen Biogas Additive

How Evogen Biogas Additive benefits AD systems

Evogen Biogas Additive helps to optimise the anaerobic digestion process in order to overcome the challenges typically associated with AD systems.

Working in tandem, a mineral-based powder carrier and Bacillus microbes assist in the breakdown of organic feedstocks to optimise biogas production.

  • The mineral-based powder carrier acts as an ion exchanger that boosts interspecies electron transfer and serves as a colonisation site for methanogens.
  • Bacillus microbes enhance the hydrolysis and fermentation phases of the digestion process by secreting anaerobically active hydrolytic enzymes.

Following the addition of Evogen Biogas Additive, the biogas conversion rate is accelerated, the volume of undigested sludge is reduced, and the biogas yield is significantly increased, resulting in lower running costs and a greater financial return.

Learn more about the science behind our latest product here.


Like all Evogen wastewater treatment solutions, Evogen Biogas Additive has been carefully designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.

When you use this product, you can be assured that it is non-pathogenic and non-hazardous. It is an effective means of lowering energy consumption at your facility.


Evogen Biogas Additive can be used in most organic waste systems heated up to 45°C, including:

  • Sludge fed systems
  • Agricultural waste fed systems
  • Slurry fed systems
  • Food and municipal fed systems
  • Landfill leachate systems
  • One phase configurations
  • Two phase configurations
  • Other complex configurations 

Case study

Recently, a wastewater treatment facility incorporated Evogen Biogas Additive into its AD system over a three-month trial period.                                            

The plant processes an estimated 7,200m³ of wastewater sludge every month.

The table below compares the facility’s performance with and without Evogen Biogas Additive*.

*All figures approximate  

View the full case study and more product info here.

Technical support

When customers purchase Evogen Biogas Additive, they also gain access to our wastewater specialists who are on hand to offer advice on every aspect of our wastewater treatment solutions, including their application.

How to purchase

To discuss requirements, learn about pricing options and place an order, customers can get in touch with a dedicated member of our sales team.

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