At Genesis, we value people as our most important asset and to recognise this, we have an ‘Employee of the Quarter’ scheme to reward the hard work of individual team members.

These are people who have gone above and beyond their jobs roles to support the business and maintain the high standard of excellence Genesis upholds.

Each quarter, employees are asked to nominate the colleague they feel is deserving of the award, applications are sent in and the leadership team have the pleasure of reading through the nominations and tallying up the votes to see who wins for each side of the business – one for the UK/Europe, one for the US.

Conrad, Genesis Biosciences

“It is always a pleasure to see who nominates who and the reasons behind the nominations. The recognition is chosen by the staff and we receive so many quality nominations, it’s great to see how colleagues value each other and the work that they do.”

– Conrad Mielcuszny, CEO

So, without further ado, the winners of our Quarter 3 2021 award are …

UK Employee of the Quarter

Debbie Williams, Group Compliance Officer
Debbie Williams, Genesis Biosciences

Debbie’s role is spread across both the US and the UK sites and she goes above and beyond to help everyone on both sides of the business. She is regularly the first in and the last out of the building and ensures that everything is done how it should be, performing the most important tasks of more than her own position if needed without hesitation.

She has been key to training new staff members in the UK office throughout the last quarter, ensuring they are settled in to the business and have the tools they need to progress their careers at Genesis. Debbie always tries to see the best in a situation and is quick to resolve any issues, helping to encourage positive attitudes through her quick resolutions.

She is part of the senior leadership team but her office door is always open and she is very approachable for staff at any level across the business. She is greatly admired and respected for the guidance she provides and was the driving force in steering the way to Genesis’ FSSC 22000 certification in Food and Feed Safety.

On her win, Debbie said: “To be awarded the Q3 Employee recognition award was a total surprise but one that is gratefully received. I am fortunate to work for a company who value their employees and this award means a lot as the nominations come from our colleagues. My thanks to those who took the time to nominate, it is great to be part of such a supportive team which allows us all to succeed.”

Debbie Williams - Employee of the Quarter Q3

US Employee of the Quarter

Milagros Eschevarria, Industrial Production Technician
Milagros Eschevarria, Genesis Biosciences

Millie shows great initiative and is able to prioritise her workload accordingly, working well with her co-workers and willing to take charge wherever required. She is very detail oriented which is essential for her job role, ensuring consistency within production to provide the high quality products our customers have come to expect.

Millie is always there to brighten someone’s day when pressures in production are high and is an extremely reliable and respected team player. She has also played a key part in the training of new staff to learn the processes and has shown great training skills in doing so with her personable and professional approach.

Her positive attitude and willingness to see others succeed is a testament to her character, she is a true team player and a key member of the production team here at Genesis.

Asked about her award, Millie said: “I would like to thank everybody who nominated me and believes in me as it gives me motivation to do the best I can and be somebody who my coworkers can count on. I will always be grateful to Genesis and my colleagues for this recognition, I always like to be busy in my work and take pride in doing a good job.”

Millie Eschevarri - Employee of the Quarter Q3

All of us at Genesis Biosciences appreciate both Debbie and Millie for their continuous hard work and dedication to their roles, their fellow colleagues and the company!

About our scheme

Since its inception as an employee reward programme in 2013, we have now had 34 winners in the US and 34 winners in the UK.

For the US, the maintenance department has had 4 winners, the production department has had 15 winners, the fermentation department has had 5 winners and the Sales department has had 2 winners.

In the UK we have 9 winners within operations, 3 winners from the sales arena, 11 winners from the lab department, 6 winners from the admin department, 4 from management and 1 joint award.

Employees from every area of the business are able to win the award and are encouraged to nominate their colleagues for the hard work they do.

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