We’re thrilled to launch the next generation of our Evogen Microbial concentrates, modernising the formulas to make the range bio-based.

The project to revamp the Evogen formulas began in 2023, with testing and quality checks on compatibility, performance and stability concluding in Q1 of 2024. 

The reformulated concentrates are now plant-derived by using co-formulants and fully biodegradable raw materials including bio-based alcohol ethoxylates and application-specific Bacillus consortia, thus ensuring compliance with current eco-accreditations such as ECOCERT, EU Ecolabel and recognised international standards for quality.

The improved concentrates can be diluted by formulators within the supply chain to produce bio-based probiotic cleaning products for the end-user.

The reformulated products include:

Dr Emma Saunders, General Manager at Genesis Biosciences, said:

Dr. Emma Saunders, EU General Manager at Genesis Biosciences

“We’ve always been proud to lead the way with products that are effective yet safe for the user and the environment, and our team is committed to continually improving our solutions such as our Evogen concentrates range. 

“This is incredibly important as according to A.I.S.E (the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products), just over half (53%) of pan-European consumers believe that cleaning products like detergents are safe for the people who use them and 28% believe they are safe for the environment. By providing alternatives to products derived from petrochemicals with harmful by-products, we can encourage consumers that there are safer options with low toxicity that deliver a superior cleaning performance.

“This is our greenest formula; our new Evogen concentrates use bio-based ingredients which minimise the impact on the environment without compromising on the successful degradation of organic and malodorous compounds found on surfaces.”

More about the range

Our Evogen products combine innovative eco-benign® chemistry and application-specific beneficial bacteria to offer effective cleaning across a wide range of industries including facilities management and wastewater treatment. 

The range’s performance-driven and environmentally-responsible microbial and antimicrobial technologies are designed to provide sustainable alternatives to the traditional harsh chemicals often used in cleaning products.

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