We’re thrilled to introduce our new application-specific range of wastewater treatment products.

Specifically designed for enhancing and improving water quality in municipal and industrial wastewater.

Introducing the brand new range of wastewater treatment products from Genesis Biosciences

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About the range

Our disruptive, innovative microbial and antimicrobial range comprises of 13 wastewater treatment products, including solids, liquids and powders.

Each product has been scientifically formulated in response to common issues tackled within wastewater, like BOD/COD, FOG, reseeding & system shock, odour degradation, hydrocarbon removal and biofilm suppression.

Produced by our in-house team of experts, we apply the latest in silico techniques to genetically determine the metabolic capability of the bacteria within our library.

This type of cutting edge genomic analysis helps to not only direct our research but also to ensure all the bacteria that goes into our products are truly application-specific.

From degrading the common components of FOG deposits to tackling odours via a multi-pronged approach, our range of products each have their own designed purpose to improve the performance and efficiency of wastewater treatment plants.

Genesis Biosciences' range of wastewater treatment products

Brought to you by Genesis Biosciences

At Genesis Biosciences, our wastewater treatment experts use their experience in working with environmental samples alongside molecular and applied microbiology techniques to tackle some of the biggest bioremediation issues facing various industries.

Interested in our range? Speak with one of our expert team to discuss your wastewater treatment needs & make a product enquiry.

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