We’re seeking a Senior Scientist to join our innovative and ambitious team at our Cardiff laboratory and offices.

Join our team and work for an organisation that is passionate about using science, innovation and nature to solve real world problems.

Job description

Job type: Permanent

Salary: £30,000-£40,000 per year

Job summary:

To play a key role in day-to-day operations of Genesis Biosciences technical function, in particular supporting manufacturing, research and technical development. The role will involve delivering applied microbial solutions to industrial challenges using a combination of both traditional microbiology and bioinformatic approaches. A robust knowledge of key microbial metabolic processes related to the environment is desirable, along with relevant experience in the handling and processing of genomic data.

Key responsibilities:


1) Participation in the research, development and implementation of new techniques.

2) Manage projects coming into the laboratory in agreement with the Project Evaluation Team and ensure completion to the standard required in a timely manner.

3) Working with and actively maintaining bioinformatics pipeline. This will include: handling and processing of genomic information, phylogenetic analysis of bacterial strains, whole genome annotation, use of appropriate resources to characterise virulence factors, secondary metabolites, extracellular enzymes and antimicrobial resistance genes.

4) Screening of bacterial strains, culturing and media development.

5) Optimisation of existing and novel bacterial strains. Utilising media and process optimisation techniques to look at growth kinetics.

6) Microbiological analyses of competitor products and challenge testing of finished products.

7) Preparation of project/laboratory reports and creation of Standard Operating Procedures for R&D processes, laboratory equipment and procedures.

8) Ensuring experimental record keeping in accordance with good laboratory practices.

9) Presenting Laboratory budgetary requirements to management as required.

Personnel management:

10) Participation in weekly technical meetings.

11) Monitoring effectiveness and efficiencies within department.

12) Actively troubleshooting and problem solving where necessary.

13) Presenting/attending industry conferences/ workshops.

14) Actively pursuing relationships with academia and industry professionals/bodies.

15) Staying abreast of scientific advancements within the field of microbiology that are immediately related to the areas of interest and benefit to the company, including: bioinformatics, genomics, probiotics, novel Bacillus applications and regulatory updates.

Customer interaction

16) Using scientific knowledge to provide customers with technical guidance and recommendations across the products range in terms of their mode of operation and in-use application.

17) Providing technical support and product training to sales personnel as required.

18) Providing technical customer support and troubleshooting through email, teleconferencing and proactive/reactive customer visits as required.

19) Networking with external institutions/working groups as required.

20) Establishing customer project priorities through evaluation of commercial importance, technical feasibility, resources, cost and time of each project requirement.

21) Assisting with evaluation of in-field functional capabilities of proposed new products.

Regulatory support:

22) Awareness of industry specific legislation, guidelines and customer practices and recommending review/revision of product range as appropriate.

23) Preparing product regulatory submission/licence support material and applications as required.

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