It’s been such an unusual and challenging year for businesses everywhere but the Genesis Biosciences US team has been incredibly busy with our planned business expansion.

Our brand new purpose-built industrial facility at our Atlanta, Georgia location for Genesis Biosciences US is now complete and has in fact been operational for the last 3 months.

Building was not without its challenges; a 9 month delay due to local building regulations and a global pandemic slowed us down considerably but the new facility is now fully operational!

Facility improvements - warehouse space

This new facility includes:

  • New warehousing space with capacity of approximately 12,200 sq ft. of storage incorporating 50ft ceilings to allow for a brand new, innovative double capacity racking system
  • Expanded capacity liquid products manufacturing
  • Expanded capacity powder products manufacturing
  • New custom built water soluble packaging manufacturing suite
  • New custom built solid products manufacturing suite

All of these additions and improvements have vastly increased our overall manufacturing, logistics and warehousing capacities in order to better serve our customers and also to provide a more modern, safer, cleaner and efficient environment for our team to work in.

Completion of this important project has also enabled us to move onto the next phase of our expansion which is our brand new fermentation suite. Stay tuned for the next exciting announcement about our progress, coming soon!

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Scroll through how our new expansion looks so far with the completed facility improvements…

Read about our first round of facility improvements from 2018:

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