The Genesis advantage

In Europe and the US, our laboratories and research and development facilities are staffed with the most highly qualified chemists, microbiologists, fermentation specialists and engineers, including several PhD scientists.

Our diverse and highly skilled R&D teams come from successful, high-science backgrounds in several industries including pharmaceutical, medical and the health sciences field.

This level of expertise in the research and development of performance-driven products and solutions is unparalleled in our industry and drives Genesis Biosciences to develop award-winning innovations.

Both Genesis Biosciences facilities have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and in 2021 we became officially FSSC 22000 certified, meaning that our continual improvement efforts are enhanced through audits by highly trained third party auditors.

We are the proud recipients of prestigious industry awards for our products, including the Pulire Innovation Award, which honours innovation and quality, the edie award for sustainability, the Sustainability Through Innovation award by the National Environment Awards, the South East USA Prestige Award for 2022 and the Unilever Clean Future Partner Award in 2023.

Sectors we specialise in

Innovative, performance-driven products and solutions with eco-benign® technology as standard.

Discover which sectors we create our innovative product solutions for worldwide.

Industrial and Institutional

Cleaning solutions for I&I settings such as healthcare, education, manufacturing and more.


Targeted solutions for improving water quality in municipal and industrial wastewater applications.

Aquaculture, Pond and Lake

Safe, effective and natural microbial solutions for pond and water management.


Liquid acid-replacement technology for descaling pipes and equipment.

Washroom Services

Application-specific products for professional and institutional washroom cleaning solutions.


Long-lasting and environmentally-responsible products for hotels, restaurants and catering applications.

Home Cleaning and Car Care

Cleaning solutions for home cleaning and car care, covering hard surfaces, soft furnishings, odour control and more.


Animal waste treatments to accelerate the natural degradation of animal wastes and significantly reduce malodours associated with livestock farming.

Product solutions

Our ranges provide quality, performance-driven and environmentally-responsible microbial and antimicrobial products designed to provide effective and sustainable alternatives to traditional harsh chemicals used across a wide range of industries.

Our product ranges

Dedicated technical sales support

At Genesis, we maintain the highest standards when it comes to supporting our customers.We have developed a highly qualified, courteous and capable technical support team which leverages its combined expertise in microbiology, chemistry and quality control. This, together with a thorough knowledge of our products and their intended applications, enables the team to deliver unparalleled technical support.

Our customers benefit from supporting product information including accurate and up to date technical data sheets, material safety data sheets and labelling. The technical support provided also extends to providing assistance with any regulatory and compliance issues and occasional support in the field with product application and field trials.

Our experienced support team also reviews and continuously improves our customer project and sample request turnaround times, streamlines transfer of information to and from our laboratory to our customers and efficiently attends to any customer queries in a timely manner.

Antimicrobial product development expertise

Genesis Biosciences also has extensive experience in the development of natural antimicrobial products utilising essential oil and plant extracts. Our experienced team of scientists works continuously to provide innovative antimicrobial solutions for “real-world” applications.

Our antimicrobial products are based on our patented natural vapour technology. The main active components are based on our unique blend of volatile natural plant extracts coupled with innovative natural carriers, which work passively to disinfect the surrounding environment.

We combine microbial, chemical formulation and product validation expertise to develop quality, innovative and efficacious vapour-phase antimicrobial products, custom engineered for specialised industrial and institutional applications.

We have qualified over 700 natural plant extracts over a 10 year period for inclusion in our antimicrobial products and the level of effectiveness of all of our antimicrobial products exceeds the performance of most chemical disinfectants.

All of our antimicrobial products have been extensively scientifically validated and verified, using both international standard testing methods and bespoke analytical methods for measuring antimicrobial activity in vapours. In addition, Genesis Biosciences’ methods have been independently validated by reputable external pharmaceutical and analytical laboratories.

With more than 15 years of experience in extensive research, development and innovation, we set the scientific standard for the fermentation of Bacillus spores.

All of our Bacillus  strains are classified as Biological Safety Level 1 organisms, which are non-harmful to humans, animals and plants. No genetically modified microorganisms are cultured nor fermented at Genesis facilities.

Our fermentation scientists continuously review and refine the Bacillus  fermentation processes, resulting in fermentation process and strain optimisation.  The process begins with concentration of the strains by centrifugation and then spray-drying. This maintains the spore quality and purity as well as ensuring stability and shelf life.

Stringent quality control processes and standards of cleanliness ensure consistent runs every time with zero defects;  resulting in shorter lead times, more efficient manufacturing, lower environmental impact and higher cost efficiency for our customers.

Vertical integration including in-house fermentation and downstream processing ensures that Genesis Biosciences has full control of the manufacturing process and can therefore ensure that all microbial products are of the highest standard.

At Genesis Biosciences, we are committed to perfection in fermentation for a cleaner world.