Researchers from QLab, based in Greece recently evaluated the effects of Evogen Biogas Additive on plant microbiome and the performance of full scale biogas production.

Study overview

Biogas production from organic waste is a promising renewable energy source, but challenges in achieving optimal production and digester stability exist. In this study researchers from QLab in Greece investigated the impact of Genesis’ Evogen Biogas Additive on the microbiome and performance of two full-scale biogas plants. 

Biogas wastewater plant


The study revealed that addition of Evogen Biogas Additive to the plants led to changes in the microbial communities, favouring beneficial microorganisms and improving the breakdown of organic materials.

This resulted in increased biogas production and better overall performance in the treated biogas digesters.

Using additives like Evogen can be a helpful strategy for making biogas production more efficient and stable, addressing challenges that these plants commonly face.

For a detailed insight into the findings and methodologies employed, the resulting publication offers a comprehensive overview of the study.

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This publication was conducted by QLab researchers, based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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