Type MicrobialLiquid

Industry Marine

Product code GB01WWT19

Product at a glance

Biotal Ecoclean 3000 is a highly effective water-dilutable non-solvent engine room cleaner, specially formulated to remove oils, grease and other  hydrocarbon soiling from surfaces.

The surfactant mix used in Biotal Ecoclean 3000 is extremely effective at lifting and emulsifying oils and other greasy deposits so that the hydrocarbon contamination is removed, but immediately after cleaning, the Biotal Ecoclean 3000 surfactant mix is also quick breaking; which means that when the solution reaches the bilges or the oily waste tank, the emulsion is unstable and the oil separates out from the water.

Available in:

  • 20 litre jerry cans


  • Oily  separators
  • Hydrocarbon soils

Technical Data Sheets

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