We were delighted to recently demonstrate our expertise in probiotic cleaning at an international conference.

Dr. Katarzyna (Kate) Ledwoch is a Senior Scientist here at Genesis Biosciences, and on the 6th of June, she attended the XII International Conference for Household Industry in Poland where she gave a presentation on exploring the features and benefits of probiotic cleaning to the event’s 190 guests.

The conference’s goal is to provide information about the current state of the household chemicals industry, to create a platform for the exchange of information and ideas, to integrate the industry, and to provide conference participants with access to companies (Conference Partners) that have an appealing offer for the industry.

Kate’s lecture was about applying nature’s own toolbox to cleaning challenges and exploring the features and benefits of using probiotics in cleaning products.

She addressed how traditional harsh chemical cleaning is harmful to both humans and the environment, and how there is a need for sustainable solutions. Kate discussed our probiotic products and how they contain beneficial, naturally occurring, non-pathogenic bacteria belonging to the Bacillus species.

Kate described how we use genomic characterisation to determine their functional capabilities, allowing us to identify Bacillus strains that secrete biomolecules with commercial, medicinal, and pharmaceutical properties. She underlined the importance of using genomic and bioinformatic techniques to evaluate the safety of Bacillus-based probiotics and the benefits of probiotics in Homecare and I&I products.

Kate highlighted how our Bacillus strains can help to deliver long-lasting cleaning and how they can successfully break down fats, oil, grease (FOG) and fatty acids and prevent malodours, demonstrating superior performance over competitor products.

Kate emphasised in her presentation that Genesis Biosciences do not utilise harsh chemicals; instead, we employ naturally occurring beneficial microbes and readily biodegradable, non-toxic chemistry.

About the conference

The XII International Conference for Household Industry is an annual event held in Poland that brings together decision-makers, R&D experts and various representatives from the industry to share new ideas and products in the world of household cleaning.

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About probiotic cleaning

By combining unique eco-benign® chemistry with optimised, solution-specific beneficial bacteria, we specialise in the production of high-quality, performance-driven microbial products.

To offer more advanced, effective solutions, all Genesis Biosciences’ microbial products are designed with an emphasis on product performance and stability, as well as ecological safety.

They’ve also undergone scientific validation and verification to assure great performance and efficacy in their intended application.

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