As a General Manager at Genesis Biosciences, Dr. Emma Saunders is an integral part of scientific innovation in the UK.

Dr. Emma Saunders, EU General Manager at Genesis Biosciences

With a background in Biochemistry and Genetics with Physiology, Emma Saunders keeps our ship sailing forward with industry-leading, performance-driven products and solutions surrounding technology and science.

But what’s a typical day for Emma like? What motivates her in this industry? What’s her biggest challenge? We put some questions to Emma in a Staff Profile so we could ‘lift the lid’ on what life is like at Genesis Biosciences. Keep reading to find out what Emma’s really thinking…

What made you become interested in the work that Genesis Biosciences does?

I am passionate about the contribution Science can make to a better society and world. I have focused my career on working within organisations whose Science and Technology play a direct role in addressing the major challenges our world faces, from diagnosing and curing diseases, reducing hunger and poverty, and protecting the environment. It was Genesis Biosciences’ closely aligned company values and vision that first made me interested in working for them.

What’s the best thing about working at Genesis?

Genesis Biosciences Lab

Developing technology solutions for real world problems and actually seeing them successfully put to use. I feel a huge sense of pride that Genesis’ agile team produce products that have such a positive impact on society and the environment.

What does your typical day include?

My working day focuses on managing the technical and commercial activities within the UK business. A typical day may start with a team Kanban meeting to review and co-ordinate project progress and priorities, followed by face-to-face meetings / WebEx’s / teleconferences with existing and prospective customers and stakeholders. I am also involved in a number of regulatory projects and frequently provide technical and regulatory support to customers and stakeholders. In the afternoons I often liaise with our US team on strategic projects and opportunities.

The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well. – Sir William Osler.

What’s one thing that drives you in your work?

Being aware of the myriad of environmental challenges that our technology can address in a positive and sustainable way and the rapid progress that is made by our team to address these challenges.

If you had to name one general challenge of your work, what would they be?

Having the resources available to fully explore all of the many market opportunities that are available for our innovative microbial and anti-microbial technologies.

What’s the biggest challenge facing you over the next year (in this industry), and how will you overcome it?

Changing the way consumers / end-users think about cleaning and accepting natural technologies as viable, efficacious alternatives to chemical products.

We will overcome this by continuing to demonstrate superior performance to harsh chemical alternatives, through in-depth verification and validation of our technology both in the laboratory and in real “in-use” applications.

Test tubes in Genesis lab

What’s your personal philosophy?

The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well. – Sir William Osler.

Why is Genesis’ environmental impact so important to you?

Genesis Biosciences has developed disruptive microbial and anti-microbial technology that has a positive impact on the environment in a diverse range of applications across the globe. But there is so much more it can do… It’s important for our future generations that the science is applied in as many ways as possible to realise long term environmental benefits to real world cleaning and waste challenges.

What is one thing you wish the general public knew more about, regarding cleanliness and hygiene in public spaces?

Just because it smells nice, doesn’t mean it is clean. So many chemical cleaning products rely on fragrance to mask malodour and provide an illusion of ‘cleanliness’. Our treatments for feminine hygiene waste prevent malodour and control infection risk through validated anti-microbial action and our range of microbial cleaning products break down the dirt and malodour at its source and continue to prevent re-soiling from occurring long after it is applied.

I feel a huge sense of pride that Genesis’ agile team produce products that have such a positive impact on society and the environment.

What is one thing you wish the general public knew more about, regarding widely-used chemical products?

At high concentrations, many chemical cleaning products have a negative effect on health and / or the environment, and at concentrations that are considered “non-hazardous” to health and the environment, they provide only a superficial “short-term clean”. Chemical cleaners are not as environmentally responsible, sustainable, and effective in the long-term as microbial cleaners are.

Women working in Genesis Biosciences lab

What would you say is your / Genesis’ greatest achievement so far?

Successfully commercialising innovative microbial technology for a diverse range of industrial and consumer cleaning applications. This innovation being recognised at a local Welsh and international level, through the winning of the inaugural Cardiff Business Awards and the Edie Sustainability Awards.

What’s next for Genesis?

To continue to lead the market in the development and supply of innovative, environmentally-responsible, microbial and antimicrobial products and solutions.

To focus our action-centred attitude to improving the environment and providing our customers with the capability to do the same.

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