As a Quality Assurance Supervisor at Genesis Biosciences, Natasha is responsible for the high standards associated with all Genesis’ products developed in the UK and Europe.

Ensuring the quality of products through supervising the analysis, testing, studies, reports and more, Natasha is an integral part of the Genesis Biosciences Quality Team.

Having won ‘European Employee of the Quarter’ not once but twice during her time at Genesis, Natasha is a force to be reckoned with – but what kind of person wins that award? And what’s an average day like for her at Genesis Biosciences?

We put some questions to Natasha in this latest Staff Profile, so we could lift the curtain on what life is like in the lab…

You studied Biology and Forensic Science at University. Were you always interested in laboratory work and quality control?

From a very young age, I decided that I wanted to work in a scientific field, it’s something that I’ve always found fascinating. My degree gave me a sound knowledge base in biology and chemistry but also allowed me to expand into areas of science such as microbiology and biotechnology – which is where my interest in this sector really began. Quality control played a large part in the forensic-based aspects of my course and is where I first gained an understanding of the importance of quality. It’s something that really struck a chord with me and I’ve not looked back since!

Natasha Russ at Genesis Biosciences UK Lab

What made you become interested in working at Genesis Biosciences in particular?

When I first came across Genesis Biosciences, the overwhelming impression I had was that this company is really unique. I thought that a company specialising in both microbial-based products and anti-microbial technologies, while still being conscious of environmental impacts, was such a diverse and forward-thinking company and would be an exciting and rewarding place to work.

What’s the best thing about working at Genesis?

I’m a member of a fantastic, focused and driven team. A team that is constantly trying to push boundaries and change opinions by leading from the front. As part of that team, I get to experience challenges that allow me to increase my knowledge and understanding. Every day can be quite different and it’s always exciting to see what the next weird and wonderful challenge coming into the laboratory is going to be.

What does your typical day include?

No two days are ever the same so I don’t really have a ‘typical day’, but my work can include a variety of things such as overseeing analysis of Quality Control samples of all products manufactured in the UK & Europe, assisting in maintaining our Quality Management System and Environmental Management System (ISO 9001 & 14001), and conducting internal audits of both ISO systems.  My work in the laboratory includes bacterial & fungal culture, identification and enumeration, analysing of unknown & competitor samples, and feasibility and stability studies of new and existing products. I also produce scientific reports and certifications for internal and external distribution.

What’s one thing that drives you in your work?

Definitely being a part of this team. Everyone here is so hard-working and driven – it’s contagious.

If you had to name one general challenge of your work, what would it be?

There are lots of challenges to my work, but that’s one of the reasons I enjoy working here so much. I think trying to explain what I do to people who don’t work in our sector can also be a bit of a challenge sometimes!

What’s your personal philosophy?

I don’t really have a personal philosophy but I do think that the company vision and values that we work to at Genesis are quite inspiring, and it’s something we can all strive to achieve.

What is one thing the general public might not know about your job?

Genesis Biosciences - UK Lab

Not all bacteria are ‘bad’! That it’s possible to work with microbial organisms in a positive way to provide a high-quality and effective alternative to harsh chemical products.

What would you say is your / Genesis’ greatest achievement so far?

I think having our hard work acknowledged by receiving both the Cardiff Business Award for Technology and Innovation and an Edie Sustainability Award in 2015 was definitely a fantastic achievement for Genesis.

What’s next for you at Genesis?

I’ve recently been promoted to Supervisor, so I’m looking forward to really growing into that role and the challenges that it will bring.

To find out more about the work of Natasha and Genesis Biosciences, click here.

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