We’re introducing Vanessa Jones, the Food Safety and Regulatory Coordinator in our US facility.

She was instrumental in our company successfully achieving our recent FSSC 22000 certified status, and plays a key role in ensuring the business is fully compliant with the standards we uphold.

With such a key role to play, what would a 9-5 day actually look like? And what sort of motivation and personal philosophy do you need to stay driven in this industry? Vanessa explains all…

Vanessa Jones, the Food Safety and Regulatory Coordinator in our US facility

Some people probably wouldn’t know what your role involves – how would you explain it?

My role involves working alongside Debbie, the Group Compliance Officer, to maintain the ISO 9001:2015 quality system and the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Program at our US facility. In summary, this includes everything compliance related, from regular internal audits, to internal training and ensuring all documentation is up to date including SOP’s and staff training records.

I also supervise the Sanitation Tech, who plays a key role in keeping the Fermentation downstream and upstream processing areas compliant with the FSSC 22000 and FDA standards.

On the regulatory side, one of my responsibilities is to support the sales team with customer requests for certificates, statements and any other regulatory assistance they might require.

So all in all, a very full and varied role, working with all departments across the business to ensure the company is operating as it should be in line with our external and internal quality standards.

Vanessa during a team meeting

What was it about Genesis Biosciences that made you want to work here?

What the company was looking for matched the opportunities I was looking for; an opportunity to use my skills in a company that values its employees, a company that will invest in your training to improve my skillset for the position. I saw the company’s growth potential in the market of food and feed which would mean a financially stable company to work for.

Exterior of the Genesis Biosciences US facility in Atlanta

What’s one thing that drives you in your work?

What drives me is when I can see a positive impact from my efforts. I don’t want to be the weak link in the chain, but a strong team player who’s valued by my teammates.

I am always motivated to reach the next team goal. I want to feel that my role is needed and the company’s investment in me is beneficial to the business.

What’s the best thing about working as a Food Safety and Regulatory Coordinator at Genesis Biosciences?

I am able to see first-hand the roles my coworkers play in the day-to-day operations through the internal auditing. The interaction with the departments helps with understanding the value they bring to the operation.

What does your typical day include?

My typical day at Genesis starts with working through e-mails and handling any requests from managers and supervisors to update or add forms or SOP’s needed for their processes. I will also check for any requests for supporting documentation from our sales team to be able to respond to their customers in a timely manner.

I’ll continue with my internal audits, ensuring any non-conformances raised through the audit process are actioned. I maintain the records for the master files of compliance-related company documents so I ensure this is all up to date and signed off also.

Throughout the week I will complete random spot checks to ensure tasks are being performed as they should be to keep the business compliant.

I’m always keeping my eyes open when I walk around the facility for any building maintenance issues that need to be addressed and communicate the findings to the Compliance Taskforce.

A warehousing section of our US facility

What’s your personal philosophy, if you have one?

My philosophy is what I tell my kids; don’t blame others, take responsibility for your actions. I also believe that “excuses only satisfy those who make them.” I want to someday look back over my life and be able to say that I am pleased that I did my best.

What is one thing the general public might not know about your job?

Well, this job requires the ability to pay attention to detail and deadlines. You must have organisation skills to make sure documents are not misplaced or filed incorrectly. You also need a head for multitasking. It’s been an asset to have previous experience as an ISO 9001:2015 internal auditor and with other quality tools. This knowledge was key in helping me be successful with this position!

What would you say is your greatest achievement at Genesis so far?

My greatest achievement so far is my part in the FSSC 22000 certification, it was a lot of work getting all of the required documentation and processes in place leading up to the audit.

What’s next for you at Genesis?

I hope to continue my growth in my role as the Food Safety Lead for Genesis and look forward to seeing the company grow through the investment in obtaining the FSSC certification.

To find out more about the work of Vanessa and Genesis Biosciences, take our tour.

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