Our cleaning products revolve around utilising positive probiotics, so what are they exactly?

To answer that very question, Genesis Biosciences’ Peter Wallbank talks you through the process.

Probiotics are usually talked about in the context of food, and they’re added to things like yoghurt for health benefits. They are often described as “good bacteria” since they are thought to help redress the natural balance of bacteria found in the gut when affected by illness.

That’s in the context of food, but when we talk about probiotics, we are referring to the innovative ways we use them in cleaning products.

Ordinarily, people use harsh chemicals and corrosive cleaning products for cleaning purposes. Our range of offerings promotes a system that emphasises probiotics at the centre of the cleaning process. They clean with the environment, rather than against it – which is exactly what the corrosive nature of harsh cleaning products does. The result is a substantially deeper, longer-lasting and more natural clean compared to products that only use chemistry compounds. 

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