How can you truly tell if a probiotic cleaning product is actually worth buying? 

In this new age of ‘greenwashing‘, where companies can use misleading claims to make a product seem more sustainable, it’s becoming trickier to discern between products that do what they purport to do and products that don’t.

As consumers become increasingly more concerned about sustainability and using ecologically responsible products, it’s critical for buyers to be able to trust the products they spend their money on. If a cleaning product claims to be environmentally-friendly or probiotic – then it should be.

But companies continue to gamble that consumers won’t dig deep into the claims on their labels, and for large-scale product buyers – within facilities management and the HoReCa industries, for example – this can lead to substandard cleaning products being mistakenly purchased.

That’s why we’re sharing our essential tips on how to tell if a product is genuinely probiotic, and what to ask for when researching your next product purchase ↓

We hope you find our guide useful – remember, it’s your right to know!

Take a deep dive into our guides and FAQs on probiotic cleaning products below.

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